Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, Derek displayed a love for art at a very young age. As his gifts developed, others began to take notice of his talent which eventually led to him being awarded a full 4-year college Art Scholarship in High School. 

Derek’s interest in art led him to non-traditional paths. During the 1980s, the rising hip hop culture heavily influenced his artistic direction. He pursued the art of music and opened the N.O.W. Enterprize Production and Studios, that launched his rap career and well known song “Toot’s on the Loose – Be Real Still”. He also helped birth the Billboard-charting rap group, N.A.P. Derek was also a professional graffiti artist and ventured into fashion design while working alongside a local hip hop clothing designer. 

With a love for art that has never extinguished, Derek continues to explore new mediums. His artwork, particularly his portraits and Real Steel Art Collection, continue to garner recognition both here an abroad.

He recently expanded his talents to Literary arts as a contributing author for the inspirational book, From Broken Boys to Reigning Kings, released on June 8, 2019. There’s no stopping him as he’s also indulging in the fine art of clothing as a model for fashion designers and charity events. He is continuing his 2020 Vision: Art, Fashion & Music Experiences throughout the city. Be sure to catch one this year at a venue near you.

Exhibits and Shows

The Madame Walker Building

The Tube Factory

The Veteran’s Memorial Plaza

Indiana Interchurch Center

Indianapolis Marion County Public Library

Arts Garden at Circle Centre Mall

Green House Indy Gallery

Indy Festival of Faith

2018 & 2019 Flavor Fresh Contemporary Fine Art Annual exhibitions

Open Bite Night “What’s Behind the Doors” exhibition

Clowes Hall at Butler University

The Green Men Art Gallery

Sullivan Art Gallery